Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia

AsorCAD welcomes CIAC partners

October 2019. On Thursday, October 24th, the partners of the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia (CIAC) visited the headquarters of AsorCAD, specialized in scanning, metrology and 3D printing. The exchange-visit attracted the interest of the thirty members attending the event.

The visit took place in the municipality of Parets del Vallès, and it began with the welcome of CIAC’s president, Josep Maria Vall, thanking all the assistants and especially AsorCAD for opening their doors to the public. Next, the CEO of the company, Antonio Sánchez, presented the activities that they carry out, and then the route through the facilities of the company began.

A demonstration of the precision of the scanning with laser and the scanning in direct color with a white light scanner was prepared for the assistants. In addition, they also explained how the different additive manufacturing systems work in the 3D printing area. One of the parts that aroused more interest to the attendees was when the objects that they were carrying themselves were scanned.

AsorCAD nowadays is present in different sectors such as aeronautics, art and heritage, education, the medical sector and, of course, the automotive sector.


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