Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia


During this last months, the CIAC Sustainability Committee, together with the Institut Cerdà i Lavola, has organised a collaborative project with the aim of addressing issues of interest in the field of sustainability for companies partners of the Cluster.


July has been the closing month of this initiative organised through 6 workshops that have been taking place for half a year and that have define the strategic plan of the Commission of Sustainability of the CIAC.


The project has been led by two consulting companies, experts in sustainability that have participated actively in all stages of the initiative. In the first phase, the Cerdà Institute carried out the identification of Best Practices in sustainability in the CIAC partner companies that were interested in collaborating during the workshops in order to create possible synergies.


Throughout these sessions, the company Lavola has been in charge of organising participative activities for the attendees. The format of these dynamic activities has allowed all assistants to contribute with their ideas and opinions in order to identify the challenges, needs, concerns and problems  that industrial companies currently have related with sustainability, and how the CIAC can help them solve these issues with collaborative projects in a near future.


The hosting companies, with 20 participants per day on average, have been Bosch España, Fundacion Condals, Meleghy Automotive, Nissan, Linde and Wiemann and DOGA. Some of the issues related with sustainability that  have been tackle are: Circular economy, renewable energies, energy efficiency, the carbon footprint and the involvement and organisation of the human team.


Thanks to the participation in the workshops it have been possible to identify conversational partners for each company and then form the work group for the Sustainability Committee. Coming to an end of these last months of work, the documentation and its conclusions will be presented in a closing meeting to be held shortly. It will be the starting point of the activity of the Commission to begin working and developing sustainability projects within the cluster partners.


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