Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia

CIAC creates a marketplace for sharing knowledge and products between companies in the automotive industry

● Companies like Ficosa, Tüv Süd Atisae, Hilti Española, Improva Consulting, Universitat de Vic, Análisis y Simulación, Innovae, Infaimon, or Kistler have already added products, services and webinars.

Barcelona. May 14th, 2020 . The Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia (CIAC) has moved to launch a marketplace where companies in the automotive industry can, for example, showcase their products, services, and offer webinars or seminars.
A few weeks ago, the president of the organization, Josep Maria Vall, asked companies to look for local suppliers, “as near as possible” to incentivize the economy of businesses in the automotive industry. “This marketplace is a consequence of this policy of looking for local suppliers, and we have launched it so it can become a visibility platform for companies in the industry”.
The marketplace was launched at the end of the last week, and several companies have already added their contributions:

● Ficosa
● Tüv Süd Atisae
● Universitat de Vic
● Hilti Española
● Improva Consulting
● Análisis y simulación S.L.
● Innovae Augmented Reality Agency
● Infaimon
● Kistler Ibérica

For now, the marketplace is only open to CIAC members, but the cluster hasn’t ruled out the possibility that non-member companies participate in the future.

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