Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia

The automotive sector in Catalonia is still on the move

Barcelona. March 20th, 2020. From the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia we value the effort that the Catalan and Spanish governments have made, and must make these days, to grant the reduction of the blow of the pandemic that we are suffering. These measures must be updated and improved in the upcoming days to give real coverage to the whole sector.


Therefore, we want to stress the importance of both the Catalan and Spanish governments in minimising the consequences as much as possible, as well as reactivating and boosting the automotive industry when the authorities decree the end of this situation. We have to think about how to withstand the consequences and also how to overcome them since the greatest wish we have, and surely we share it with all of society, is going back to normal as soon as possible. We encourage public administrations to be courageous.


On the other hand, we want to make it clear that, up to date, there is an important part of the industry of the sector, especially Tier 1 and Tier 2, that continues with its activity. An activity that has been modified to comply with the health prevention and safety measures to avoid contagion of COVID-19, as dictated by the government. 


That is why, in a few days, we will publish the results of a survey that will allow us to see a more detailed picture of the situation in the sector.


In the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia we are in a moment of maximum activity. Now more than ever, communication and dialogue with companies is constant, as well as with the administration. We have the obligation to know the needs of the sector and to act as a link to transfer them to the governments. Therefore, next Thursday, the CIAC will hold a meeting with all its partners where the General Director of Industry of the Government of Catalonia will also be present to promote a clear and direct dialogue about the situation, needs and therefore work together on tangible solutions.


In addition, we are in permanent contact with the rest of the automotive clusters in Spain to work in a coordinated manner for the good of the sector.


As the automotive industry in Catalonia has not stopped, neither have we. As a cluster we continue, among others, with online meetings so that the projects that are underway continue to progress, as well as with the work meetings and most of the dynamics that the entire CIAC team maintains daily.


Everyone has their responsibility and that of the sector is to continue to be one of the economic pillars of Catalonia with more than 23,000 million in turnover rate and a contribution to GDP of more than 10%.


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