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The Catalan automotive industry is at the service of public health to scan and print respirators in 3D

Barcelona. 24th March 2020. A group of members of the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia are involved in different projects that try to compensate the absence of respirators in the public health system due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to print them with 3D printers and to put the productive capacity of these companies at the service of the health system.


Some of the CIAC members are currently involved in two projects. The first is the platform. An initiative that centralises requests from Catalan hospitals for consumable components from the respirators, and that makes available to companies in sectors such as the automotive to be able to scan, print and distribute the components they demand. CIAC members participating in the initiative are Ames, AsorCAD, Avinent, Emes3D, CIM UPC and HP.


CIAC's president, Josep Maria Vall, was proud of the sector's involvement and stated that "anything that the Catalan automotive industry can do to fight against the pandemic, we will do it".


The platform, coordinated by the Institut de Recerca i Innovació I3PT of the Parc Taulí and the Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona, will centralise the requests of the different Catalan hospitals for the respirator consumables. The I3PT is also responsible for validating all the components. Therefore, depending on the productive capacity of the different companies, they will scan, print and distribute. As the days go by, components will be added to the catalogue so that hospitals can request them.


A completed respirator and operational

Furthermore, the prototypes of complete and functional respirators that have been presented up until now will be validated in the next few days, and members of CIAC such as Leitat and HP will also participate in this phase. If the tests are positive, they will be manufactured. In this sense, from the I3PT Institute, which is also part of this project, has stated that it is likely that the platform prints the components needed to build these respirators.


Collection of material to be placed at the disposal of hospitals

The involvement of the Catalan automotive sector with the current situation does not stop here. The Cluster of the Catalan Automotive Industry has made available to all its members the list of materials that are needed in hospitals, a list prepared by the public administration, so that they can contribute as much as possible.


The list consists of:

● Protection glasses.

● FFP2 protection mask.

● FFP3 protection mask.

● Nitrile gloves.

● Single use and waterproof gowns.

● COVID-19 diagnostic PCR kits.

● Rapid Diagnostic Kits.

● Surgical masks type II and IIR

● Hydro-alcoholic, biocide and cosmetic solution.

● Mechanical invasive ventilation device VMI.

● VMI consumable equipment.

● Sanitary alcohol.

● Chlorhexidine.


Resource Guide

Finally, the Cluster of the Automobile Industry of Catalonia has opened a space on the website to create a resource guide provided by the same partners, to provide with possible solutions to problems of tele-working or cyber security, among others.


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